Week 44

Day 302 – Friday 4th January 2019

A sunny but slightly chilly day. Didn’t do a lot apart from going for spin in the countryside on Zippy then played petanque.

a des res Portugueses style. They can’t want more a €50 for it surely.

 Day 303 – Saturday 5th January 2019

Beautiful sunny day. This time next week we are setting off on a 9 week journey to Antibes traveling along the Spanish Mediterranean coast so in preparation I am going to have a whole week of complete rest & relaxation.

Watched the United v Reading match down at the Bull in Luz

We played petanque in the afternoon. Julie has got other people joining in her little celebration dance now.

Day 304 – Sunday 6th January 2019

Very sunny day. It was 22°C in the shade at lunch time and blisteringly hot in the sun.

I got fried having lunch in Lagos.

African Stew, some sweet potato and black beans in a vaguely currylike sauce with a chopped up date on top. I really don’t know why I bother ordering anything other than omelette & chips in Portugal.

Down at Decathlon I treated myself to some new boules

Day 305 – Monday 7th January 2019

Beautiful sunny day.

Cfor is loving the sun

After lunch I had a practice with my new boules. It paid off later when our side won both their matches 😀

Day 306 – Tuesday 8th January 2019

A Sunny day. We had a trip to the British Supermarket in Portimao. It has a mixture of Waitrose & Iceland stuff. I stocked up on No Bull burgers. Everything else you can buy in Portuguese shops.

vapour trails at sunset

Day 307 – Wednesday 9th January 2019

Beautiful day, can’t remember the last time I saw a cloud. After lunch had a ride out on Zippy.

Ponta de Piedale

Praia Dona Ana

Belgian hippies

 Day 308 – Thursday 10th January 2019

What a pulavour with Cfor this morning. He wanted to go out at 0515. Then there was a hoo-ha outside the van with cats fighting. We got him inside and almost as soon as he’d eaten his breakfast he was sick on the sofa! Little twat.

he’s learnt to open the Roman blinds!

well, he does like the sun on his face

Had a spin in the countryside on Zippy in the afternoon then petanque.

Everytime I go riding round the Algarve countryside I keep seeing old Renault 4s. They stopped making them 25 years ago

The shooter on my side was very good. He put the jack over a 6ft wall and 30m into a car park!

Tomorrow we pack up and get ready for our 9 week journey along the Spanish coast. After sitting on our arses in Portugal for 12 weeks I expect it’ll be quite a shock to the system but we are both looking forward to some new sights and sounds.

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Week 43

Day 295 – Friday 28th December 2018

A beautiful sunny day.

The sunshine never stops in Portugal!

While I sorted out next year’s insurance Julie sunbathed. Think I need to adjust the white balance

Once Julie had had enough of sunbathing we took a ride on Zippy to Mexilhoeira

and Alvor

Day 296 – Saturday 29th December 2018

Another beautiful sunny day

Off to Tiffany’s riding centre for a riding lesson and trail ride.

Giddy up a ding dong

the return of the caption competition

My horse wa called Zucchini and Julie’s Zoofila.

After we’d been schooled in the basics I asked what we should do it the horse bolts, I was told the horse wouldn’t bolt but if it did I should grab the neck band and pull. That advice came in handy as my horse was spooked when it saw a feral pig. We came across not one but two feral pigs on out trail. The instructor told us horses don’t like pigs but if we had come across a wildbore the horses would have gone nuts.

Riding the range

Julie needed just a little help getting off her mount

When I got off my horse my legs and knees started complaining like hell.

It was such a beautiful afternoon I went for an explore on Zippy.  It really is a pleasure to ride a scooter down here, apart from the dogs that feel a need to chase any passing motorbike!


I did well at petanque, I have given up trying to learn to shoot for the time being and my pointing game is back on top form. My side won both matches to night 😀

Day 297 – Sunday 30th December 2018

A beautiful if slightly windy day. Had a good lie in then after lunch set about washing the van.

There’s only one place to start cleaning a motorhome and that’s up on the roof.

Day 298 – Monday 31st December 2018

Sunny but windy day again. Spent most of the day on the computer sorting stuff out.

Even though my pointing was great today my side were soundly beaten at petanque today. Two new French guys showed up. The one on the other team could really shoot. The one playing on my side thought he could shoot but couldn’t 🙁

Day 299 – Tuesday 1st January 2019

New Year’s Day, Praia do Luz

Day 300 – Wednesday 2nd January 2019

A lovely sunny day, didn’t do much other than ride into Lagos for a wander about.

Day 301 – Thursday 3rd January 2019

The day started sunny but it soon clouded over. It feels cold here without the sun but at 16°C it’s a whole 10°C warmer than back in Reigate so can’t really complain.

We only have a week left here then it’s back to the Spanish costas for 9 weeks. I am really looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing some new places. We have loved Luz and the weather down here but it’s time to move on.

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Week 42

Day 288 – Friday 21st December 2018

A beautiful day, very little wind so it was really warm in the sunshine.

The Bermuna buttercups are out here

It’s Christmas in a few days so it was time to make my curry for Christmas Day; I always think a curry tastes better after it has mouldered in the fridge for a few days.

Spent the rest of the day lazing about in the sun…

Just before sunset an air balloon passed by

it landed on some scrubland near the campsite

Cfor has become a bit of a night owl, he’s decided he quite likes exploring the camp at night in the dark which obviously worries the shit out of Julie. Yours truly has to go and search for him.

Day 289 – Saturday 22nd December 2018

Another sunny day and after lunch we went for a walk to the top of Black Rock

Luz from Black Rock

On the way down there was the “My foot’s gone Tom! My foot’s gone! My foot’s gone! I need help Tom!” incident 😀

Later I went to the Rainbow Bar to watch United play Cardiff. I know Cardiff are crap but with José gone United looked a completely different to team to the one that capitulated so meekly to Liverpool last week.

Day 290 – Sunday 23rd December 2018

Sunny but a little windy today. Had a very lazy day.

Lunch in Luz

Day 291 – Monday 24th December 2018

As well as becoming a bit of a night owl Cfor has decided he’s also an early bird too and he now scratches at the door early in the morning wanting to get out before it’s even light outside. Luckily Julie is in charge of room service during the night.

Cfor thinks if he hides in the bushes for long enough the sparrows will forget he is there

Just after lunch today the little swine disappeared so I had to scoured our part of the camp. After half an hour of searching there was still absolutely no sign of him.

After much head scratching we found him in one of the van’s storage lockers.

Day 292 – Tuesday 25th December 2018

Christmas Day

Day 293 – Wednesday 26th December 2018

A cold day!!! After lunch I had a nap then a walk into Luz and watched United play Huddersfield. After the years and years of Moyes, van Gaal & José it is such a relief to watch a United side play the United way. Sterner tests than Cardiff & Huddersfield are to come but at least we are now heading in the right direction.

Day 294 – Thursday 27th December 2018

Another cold day!! Well it’s 16°C here and only 5°C in Reigate so it’s all relative. I must have finally become a southern softie!

This afternoon I played absolutely shite at petanque. Going to have to rethink my technique; if you can call it that 🙁

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Week 41

Day 281 – Friday 14th December 2018

According to my weather app it was 3°C and raining in Reigate today…

… 18°C and sunny here.

Didn’t do too much today, was looking at how to get down to the heel of Italy without having to suffer too many crappy Italian campsites. It’s not easy. Even when you find a good campsite working out what the access is like is a bit of a nightmare. 

Just after lunchtime Cfor pushed his luck with the French dog across the way too far and got chased home; never seen him move so fast.

much safer on the dashboard

Day 282 – Saturday 15th December 2018

An overcast day. Went for a long walk this morning and a spin on Zippy this afternoon.

Day 283 – Sunday 16th December 2018

Bloody raining this morning which is a bit of a bummer as the forecast last night was sun for today. I believe they have storm Deidre back at home and it is freezing so shouldn’t really complain too much.

Spent the morning watching Netflix while the weather cleared up then went for lunch at Sunita’s Castle.

Sunita’s Castle

Later I went to the Rainbow Bar in Espiche to watch Manchester United play Liverpool. It was depressing. Liverpool were far too sharp for United. Our defence looks absolutely petrified of making mistakes. Whatever happened to clattering a winger in the first 2 minutes then booting the ball into Row Z for the rest of the game. Our attack wasn’t much better.

The owner of the Rainbow Bar used to be a footballer and he knows José.

The Special Sacked One has even been here

Day 284 – Monday 17th December 2018

A cloudless sky this morning and it was time to do Day 2 of Week 6 of Couch to 5k. My legs were okay but I can’t say I enjoyed the session and from now on all the sessions are 25 minutes or longer runs. Think it is time to get a playlist sorted.

I was paired with Julie at petanque this afternoon. We didn’t do too bad but I really am going to have to learn to shoot.

New floodlights at the petanque ground

 Day 285 – Tuesday 18th December 2018

Overcast start to the day then at 10am the sun suddenly came out and it was the most beautiful day ever….

José was finally sacked 😀

Went to the Christmas drinks reception. Free food & booze.

I made a right pig of myself with the veg samosas, I kept saying to myself just two more, just two more…

Free booze & Brits is never a pretty combination so it was a good job the freebies ended at 6pm cause I think some people on our table were only minutes away from an arm wrestling competition.

Day 286 – Wednesday 19th December 2018

Mixed day, Julie wanted to go Christmas shopping, my favourite pastime.

 Day 287 – Thursday 20th December 2018

Lovely morning. Time to do Day 3 of Week 6 of Couch to 5k. I was supposed to run for 25 minutes but I did the full 5k…

… it took me 31 mins 50 seconds; not bad for an old cunt git



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Week 40

Day 274 – Friday 7th December 2018

A lovely sunny day relaxing in the warm sunshine while Cfor explored the neighbourhood.

He seems fascinated with our French neighbours

Today he even said hello to some Germans

His travels done for the day he lounged under the table; it’s exhausting work being a cat.

Day 275 – Saturday 8th December 2018

Beautiful sunny day and another very lazy day.

At the French embassy next door they are gathered around a laptop watching the news and talking animatedly about the rioting in Paris. Funny how quickly Macron has gone from poster boy for the EU to Louis XVI.

Day 276 – Sunday 9th December 2018

Another beautiful day. Did my Couch to 5k this morning and ran for 25 minutes which is a week ahead of schedule. Although I managed 10 seconds of Usain Bolt at the end I was properly knackered. From now on I am going to stick rigidly to the schedule.

Julie’s son Darren arrived this morning for 4 days with his girlfriend Lucy.

We went for Sunday lunch at LazyJacks

and ended up at Ponta da Piedade; it’s a stunning bit of the coast.

Day 277 – Monday 10th December 2018

Beautiful sunny day. Lucy wanted to see the caves at Benagil so we set off before lunch.

… Darren wanted to stop at Kartódromo; we didn’t have to queue

It’s a big complex

We all had a blast around the track

It was great fun but I’m far too cautious a driver to be any good in a go-cart; I like to drive so I never have to put the brakes on.

Having said that I’m a lot faster than Julie!

On to the caves at Benagil.

The big cave with the collapsed roof is the Algar de Benagil

Of course everyone climbed over the safety barrier to get better shots of the beach below

me included

By the time we’d made it to the beach at Benagil the boats trips to the caves had stopped for the day 🙁

Lucy, Darren & Julie at Benagil beach

Day 278 – Tuesday 11th December 2018

An overcast day and at 18°C it felt quite cold.

To Praia da Luz for lunch where I was stung by a wasp, I never saw that on the menu!

After lunch we went for a spin around the coast and ended up in Lagos to see the Christmas lights.

Back at the van it was time to eat

where on earth is the Whiskers!

Day 279 – Wednesday 12th December 2018

An overcast start to the day. I did Day 1 of Week 6 of my Couch to 5k. The inside top of my left leg was complaining from the start and it didn’t get any better but I managed to finish the session. I think I pulled something getting out of that go-cart yesterday; going to give it 4 days to clear up.

After breakfast Lucy wanted to go back to Benagil for a boat trip round the caves.

a little boat but it had a surprisingly big engine on the back

There are dozens of caves on this part of the coast

Many of them have small sandy beaches

and holes in their roofs

Very difficult to do the Algar de Benagil justice from a boat bobbing about in the sea with a Samsung J5. I asked the captain if we could land to get better shots but he said he didn’t have a licence to land.

This is what the Algar looks like from the beach with a decent camera and probably a little Photoshop.  Full credit to someone else.

the coastline is full of stacks and arches

The sightseeing over the Captain said he was going to do his ‘James Bond’ and promptly opened up the throttle, heading for a stack or two and swerving around them at the last minute. He landed the boat by shooting it 30ft up the beach. Great fun but I really should have held on rather than trying to film it.

Day 280 – Thursday 13th December 2018

A wet and windy start to the day but the sun soon showed itself. It was great to just do nothing after the past few days.

we did manage a walk along the beach at Praia de Luz

even with the sun out it must be cold in there

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Week 39

Day 267 – Friday 30th November 2018

A beautiful sunny day. Did the last session of week 4 of my Couch to 5k. No problems, added 3 minutes to the final run with 10 seconds of Usain Bolt at the end.

After lunch we headed out to Portimão.

a mural in Portimão

Portimão is a big town, a port, and the one way system was a bit of a nightmare. We eventually found the front and had a stroll around the Rocha beach area which was very quiet.

Rocha beach

Day 268 – Saturday 1st December 2018

Beautiful sunny morning, Had a lazy day.

Christmas lights are up

Day 269 – Sunday 2nd December 2018

Another beautiful day, a very sneezy day and another lazy day

This is Frankie, a 26 year old Hymer in absolutely beautiful nick.

Day 270 – Monday 3rd December 2018

Week 5 of my Couch to 5k today but I didn’t know if I could do it because on top of sneezing all day yesterday I had a rough night’s sleep. My legs were dead after the first run but I managed to finish the session. Felt shattered afterwards though.

Fell asleep in the sun after lunch but managed to stir myself to go on the camp’s Nordic walk.

Everyone else had poles but I couldn’t join in the silliness.

Modroño fruit, sort of a Portuguese strawberry

Julie came along to petanque and she did okay.

She shoots….

She scores….

She does a little dance!

Day 271 – Tuesday 4th December 2018

Another beautiful day; did nothing but sit in the sun.

Day 272 – Wednesday 5th December 2018

Boiling day.

We walked along the coast to Burgau for lunch.

Only took us a couple of hours.

The Christmas decorations in Burgau

Every bar restaurant was closed!

This was open last week

This café attached a mini-market was the only eatery open. They did nice toasties and I enquired about some chips but the lady told me they only had a licence to grill food. In what kind of country do you need a licence to make chips?

Got the bus back to Luz; that was a palaver.

Day 273 – Thursday 6th December 2018

Yet another beautiful day.

Day 2 of week 5 of my Couch to 5k. I was supposed to do some 8 minute runs today but I know on Day 3 I have to do a 20 minute run so I thought fuck it just go for the 20 minute leg today. It wasn’t too bad although I couldn’t manage any Usain Bolt at the end.

Sat around in the sun all day until it was time for petanque…

Me, Juan Carlos & a German lady beat a good French team. When I say beat I mean stuffed 13 – 2 😀

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Week 38

Day 260 – Friday 23rd November 2018

A beautiful sunny morning and after lunch we went for a spin on Zippy. First stop Burgau for a stroll about the town.

It’s very quiet this time of year with most shops closed for the ‘winter’.

but you can still get a tasty toastie in town

Then on to Salema

Waiting for the fishermen to return, it’s a tough life being a cat in Salema,

We stopped off in Budens on the way home

All in all a beautiful day 🙂

Later Cfor went in the neighbours caravan, while there was a dog there!

Day 261 – Saturday 24th November 2018

Sunny morning, believe they have snow & floods at home!

Time for week 4 of my Couch to 5k. It was quite a step up this week but it was no real problem; added a minute to the final run.

Cfor was in and out of the van all day.

He’s getting super relaxed about the passing traffic and people…

… although he can’t understand why the sparrows don’t want to play with him.

Spent the afternoon planning the route back to Antibes. I want to take in as many 4 & 5 star sites along the Spanish coast so we can decide where to spend next winter.

Day 262 – Sunday 25th November 2018 

Bright start to the day but it soon turned dull and cold.

The rain arrived in the afternoon and I finished the plans for Spanish leg of our journey back to the French Riviera . Given Theresa May’s calamitous negotiations I’m planning for no deal Brexit so we’ll be safely parked up in Antibes for the 29th March while any dust settles.

It strikes me the only way Theresa May could be more unpopular is if she came out as a vegan!

Day 263 – Monday 26th November 2018

Sunny start to the day. Went for a walk along the coast from Luz to Burgau. A bit rocky but a pleasant walk nevertheless.

probably best not to go too close to the edge

It’s only an hour and a half stroll but in the sunshine it was thirsty work

Somewhere down there there is a pint of lager with my name on it

Day 264 – Tuesday 27th November 2018

Beautiful sunny day. Did my Couch to 5k first thing. Absolutely no problem and added a couple of minutes to the last run with a 20 second sprint at the end. Those After Eight mints are really working their magic!

We set off on Zippy west along the coast. First stop the fort at Sagres.

The fort separates the Sagres Promontory from the town.

Nowadays the promontory is a tourist attraction

It’s one big limestone pavement

The Crocuses here are out a few months before the UK’s

There are blow holes coming up from the caves below where you can hear the waves rush in and feel the draft as the air is forced upwards. Doesn’t sound too exciting but it made me smile.

They’ve built this elaborate little maze around one blow hole. It’s very nice and all paid for by the EU.

The Atlantic

The harbour at Sagres

Lunch in Sagres

my falafel burger and chips was fabulous 🙂

After lunch we set off for Cabo de São Vicente, the south westernmost point of Portugal and of mainland Europe.

Cabo de São Vicente viewed from Sagres fort

There was a surfing beach along the way.

This fabulous beast had Italian plates, I wouldn’t put money on it getting back there

the light house at Cabo de São Vicente

When we got home, back to the van, Cfor was waiting to get out, I opened the door and he barrelled down the steps; places to go, people to see!

Day 265 – Wednesday 28th November 2018

Life is so much better when the sun shines

After lunch we motored into Lagos

Lagos from the Meia Praia side

Day 266 – Thursday 29th November 2018

A cloudy and chilly day. Spent the day reading and watching Making a Murderer.

Cfor keeping an eye on next door’s Yorkie

Today’s petanque match was a bit of a disaster 🙁

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Week 37

Day 253 – Friday 16th November 2018 

Bright morning. Back’s a little stiff today, I think I overdid it at the Fit Park yesterday.

After lunch we went for an explore on Zippy and rounded off the day having an ice cream in Luz.

Photo of the Day – beginning to think if your ice cream isn’t chocolate then you’ve made a really bad decision

Day 254 – Saturday 17th November 2018

Overcast and breezy start to the day.

The wind made the sea at Luz a little too choppy for surfing…

Looked ideal for kite surfers though.

It started to rain in the afternoon then the wind and rain really got up. Good job I downloaded Narcos Mexico last night.

Day 255 – Sunday 18th November 2018

Weather was absolutely vile last night but an okay start to the day.

Sunday lunch at Sunita’s Castle

The rain started again in the afternoon and the weather forecast for tomorrow oscillates between sunshine and rain every hour!

Day 256 – Monday 19th November 2018

Bright start to the morning. Set off on Zippy for a tool around the hills a few miles inland from the coast.

It’s certainly different from the coast, far greener but like at the coast nearly everything is for sale.

The Albufeira da Barragem de Odiáxere reservoir

Later the rain started again washing out my Monday game of petanque 🙁

I bought some After Eight Mints in the Spar shop today and have set a nightly alarm on my phone 😀

The weather hasn’t been what we expected. Apparently it’s the worst November they had in donkey’s years. Thank God we have unlimited boxsets and a lifetime’s supply of Rosé

Day 257 – Tuesday 20th November 2018

Bright start to the morning but the showers soon arrived. Someone was telling me they are having much worse weather in southern Spain and Julie’s weather app says it is 5°c in the UK.

I always hated this time of year in the UK; get up in the dark, get out of work in the dark, a fuckin’ awful way to live so we shouldn’t complain too much about a few drops of rain.

Tried to give Julie a quick lesson on Zippy but when she sits on the seat neither of her legs can reach the ground.

Took up the offer of a free week so we’ll be here until 12th January.

Cfor is really enjoying getting outside

Have finished Narcos Mexico

Day 258 – Wednesday 21st November 2018

Woke up with stabbing pains in my left foot; what is that all about? Of course, today is Couch to 5k day. When I got out of bed various parts of my left leg were also complaining.

Outside it was a bright morning. Absolutely no problems running, even did an extra 30 seconds at the end and stopped by the Fit Park on my way back; must be the After Eight Mints!

Tried out the badminton.

It went thataway

When this couple turned up with their own rackets I thought we were in trouble but they we just as crap as us!

We’ve been here 4 weeks now and we are well settled in. It’s a completely different life to travelling around. Travelling you get to see new things everyday, 5 cathedrals in a week is not unusual. Here we live more like the ex-pats, relaxing, reading, watching TV, whiling away the days.

Julie has grounded Cfor 🙁

Day 259 – Thursday 22nd November 2018

An overcast day, a cold day. Still at least the rain held off for Petanque.

I didn’t play too badly, can’t say the same for the rest of my team.

Cfor managed to get out today, he loves exploring other people’s pitches!

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Week 36

Day 246 – Friday 9th November 2018

Woke up to beautiful sunshine and had a fabulously lazy morning under the awning.

After lunch we went for a poodle about on Zippy

We had a look at the waves on the beach at Salema

and at the windmill at Budens

Day 247 – Saturday 10th November 2018

Overcast start to the day and it was mixed all day. In the afternoon we went for an explore on Zippy.

We ended up in Barão de São João


Barão de São João is a typical little Portuguese village. The streets are narrow and some of the property is very run down. But it has a few bars, some cafes, a restaurant and a couple of shops. There are plenty of boarded up houses in town. There must be hundreds of villages like this dotted around the Algarve and I don’t imagine it’d cost more than £25k to buy and do up a nice little place in any of them; as long as you have good health that’s got to be better than spending your retirement in Wigan or Solihull.

Driving out of town we came across Manchester United’s midfield.

Left in a field without any carrots it’s no wonder Alexis and Pogba want to leave if this is how José treats them!

Day 248 – Sunday 11th November 2018

Bit of a mixed morning weatherwise. After the remembrance service (no Germans came) we motored in to Lagos for Sunday lunch.

LazyJacks at the Marina in Lagos

There are a lot of holiday apartments in and around Lagos marina and at this time of year they cost just €45 a night so there are a lot of Brits in town and at Lazy Jack’s for their €11 all you can eat Sunday Lunch

This wasn’t enough for Julie, she went back for seconds.

When Julie ‘Two Dinners’ had finished she said she felt like she might burst. Surprise surprise.

I had a Veg Curry which was on the Golden Years menu and it was dreadful.

Luckily there was an Ice Cream Sundae thrown in

Day 249 – Monday 12th November 2018

Beautiful morning.


After 3 days of no physical activity it was time for Week 3 of my Couch to 5k. Although it was a step up I survived and even went to yoga afterwards although I am not too sure yoga is for me. I will give it a few more weeks.

After lunch we motored to Vila do Bispo and Sagres

Vila Bispo, it’s claim to fame is it has a Lidls

Sagres has a good beach

There’s plenty of free motorhome parking right by the beach so there’s plenty of Crusties there

Back at the campsite I went for my Monday game of Petanque.

They had to get the tape measure out a few times as things got a little competitive

My team won 2-0 and I scored more than my fair share of points 😀

Day 250 – Tuesday 13th November 2018

Another beautiful day. Elsje put on a Thai yoga class today. Which Google tells me….

is a therapeutic style of massage combining soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.

Julie in a state of deep relaxation

Not too sure if we’ll be going again. Julie groaned so much I had to swap places with Elsje for a while and I ended up having to massage this French woman. I didn’t know where to put my hands.

In the Afternoon we went to Luz and watched the surfers.

Day 251 – Wednesday 14th November 2018

A beautiful day and off to Alvor on Zippy.

The beach at Alvor is big and clean

There’s a big aire right by the beach, €9.50 a night including electricity but no toilet or shower block. That’d be a real bargain in Summer but at this time of year they could get a campsite with toilets and showers for the same or even less.

Alvor itself is a little fishing town… with about 6 Irish pubs

Lunch and a stroll around the town.

I spotted a Ronaldo shirt lying in the gutter and I thought what a great picture it would make. I got my phone out as quick as possible…

… but some Portuguese woman stooped to pick it up and got her fat arse in the way completely ruining the image

Day 252 – Thursday 25th November 2018

Up early to do my Couch to 5k; it’s session 2 of week 3. I survived but I think the stretching at yoga is causing me pain when I run. So I’m going to give it a miss for a while.

They’ve been doing the indoor pool up for a couple of weeks now and today the noise was too much.

a building site

I went to reception and complained and they have given us a free week 😀

I discovered the camp has an Fit Park

Petanque didn’t go well today. Our opponents had better tactics and the skill to execute them. French twats.

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Week 35

Day 239 – Friday 2nd November 2018

Brightish morning, went for long walk to before resuming my Couch to 5k.

The actual session wasn’t too bad. My left leg didn’t feel the same as my right leg but I wasn’t in any pain. Going to have a 2 day rest before my next session.

After lunch we motored to the lovely seaside village of Salema.

The beach at Salema is fabulous – the far end

The beach by the village, lots of holiday homes here.

Stray cats soaking up the sun by the fishing boats

a proper car

Day 240 – Saturday 3rd November 2018

Beautiful morning. I went for an explore along the N125 to Budens then we motored into Lagos for lunch and a nose around.

No tourists here

This is probably why, Cabbage soup starter, yum yum.

Lagos marina

It was lovely walking about in the autumn sunshine, especially as the newspapers said the UK was bracing itself storm Oscar 😄

Day 241 – Sunday 4th November 2018

Lovely sunny start to the day but it soon clouded over and without the sunshine it is cold here. Really looking forward to Sunday lunch at Sunita’s Castle, it’s rated 4.8 on Google Maps.

Mixed Veg Madras, glad I didn’t order a Vindi!

Day 242 – Monday 5th November 2018

Mixed start to the day. Went for my Couch to 5K run. No problems, I think the two day rest between sessions is the way to go from now on.

I wonder why they’ve not invited the Germans

Later they had a yoga class at the campsite and Julie and I popped along. It was a bit tough and I struggled not to fart.

Our yoga instructor, Elsje. She told some Frog she didn’t speak much French then did the whole lesson in it!

Julie has much room for improvement, her Plank looks an awful lot like her Downward Dog!

After lunch we popped into Luz.

It’s November and there is still a queue for ice cream 😀

I’d seen this obelisk above the town and I decided today I’d get up there.

It looks a long way off but it only took 20 minutes to get there.

absolutely no idea why it’s here.

Back at the camp I had a game of petanque with my new bestie Colin against Juan Carlos & Marco.

It was close for a while…

but we eventually won 2-0

Day 243 – Tuesday 6th November 2018

Nice start to the day

A bit of excitement on camp in a France v Holland right of way issue.

There was archery on in the afternoon so I popped along for a go. It turned out I was pretty good… from 10m!

Robin Hood!

or maybe William Tell

Because I made it look easy Julie thought she’d have a go…

Everyone run for cover!

Day 244 – Wednesday 7th November 2018

Overcast start to the day and it didn’t brighten up until after lunch. When it’s cold here the WiFi speeds plumet. It’s the same in the evening, I get terrible speeds until 10:30pm, when the old codgers go to bed, then it’s like lightening.

I thought I’d have a crack at this afternoon’s Ping-Pong session.

Julie tried her best

It being Diwali I had curry for my dinner

East meets North West – Balti & Chips

Day 245 – Thursday 8th November 2018

Very overcast morning. Did my Couch to 5k without any problems and had a butcher’s at next week’s schedule and it’s going to be quite a step up.

After a few minutes rest it was time for Yoga!

Not an international farting contest but if it was I would probably win!

I beginning to think yoga is a form of torture.

Later Julie came along to petanque. It was stuffed with Frogs and they were quite good. Think I need a lot more practice before next Monday.

Spot the boule

It’s been a very busy week and I’m a little shattered. Think I will start my weekend tomorrow and do fuck all till Monday.


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