Week 147

Friday 25th November 2020 to Thursday 31st December 2020

Christmas in quarantine! And it turns out a it’s a bit like a normal Christmas – a lot of sitting about, too much food and a pile of shite on the telly…

Merry Christmas!

Boxing day was the end of our 10 day quarantine so I had a nice walk up Reigate Hill.

The weather Reigate is awful; even the worst day in Luz is 53 times better than any English winter day.

Leith Hill lost in the mist

New year’s eve and people are glad to see the back of 2020 but there were 55,000 new cases and very nearly 1,000 COVID related deaths today so I can’t see that much changing for a while in 2021 and I wouldn’t be at all  surprised if we didn’t hit 2,000 deaths a day by the end of February.

On the travel front with France, Spain, Portugal on lockdowns and most of the world now wary of anyone travelling from the UK it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get out of the UK for quite a while which is a bit of a bummer.

I’ve pencilled in the 1st of April for a visit to Normandy but whether that goes ahead or not is anyone’s guess.

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Week 146

Friday 18th November 2020 to Thursday 24th December 2020

A week of quarantining; this sitting around watching TV malarkey is not for me…

… you can have too much of a good thing

With all this talk of new strains of COVID it looks like we are going to be on Tier 4 lockdown for months. Fucking brilliant.

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Week 145

Friday 11th November 2020 to Thursday 17th December 2020

Sadly Julie’s Mum passed on Friday morning. Barbara was a wonderful person, if everyone was as good and kindhearted as she was the world would be a far far better place.

Julie & her Mum

Early on Saturday morning we set off from Luz to head back to the UK…

we were in Spain by lunchtime.

Howo hardo cano learningo Spanisho beo?

It was a pretty uneventful trip up through Spain & France.



Cfor loves exploring the Vignobles Pestoury vineyard in Yvrac

Tuesday was a little tough as we  had to do Bordeaux to Calais in a single day because at this time of year there are no French campsite open en-route and I really didn’t fancy being the only van on an aire.

I was a little concerned by the stuff I’d read in the papers about the delays getting into the port of Calais so, not wishing to run out of diesel while I queued up, I filled up just before the port  but the horrendous queues reported by the Guardian and eagerly repeated by the Daily Mail never materialised. Quelle surprise.

Where did the 10 mile 5 hour queues go?

We knew we were back in England with the night time closures on the A2 and M20; the trip from Dover to the M25 was an absolute fuckin’ nightmare. Exactly the same as it was back in February!!!!

When you look at the infrastructure in place in and around the port of Calais then look at the shambles around Dover it’s a bit of a national embarrassment; the whole place is just shit and Brexit deal or no Brexit deal there is bound to be chaos in Kent come 1st January.

Back at Julie’s flat Thursday was the 1st day of 10 days quarantining and I got stuck right into Wheeler Dealers 😀

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Week 144

Friday 4th November 2020 to Thursday 10th December 2020

The week started out a bit wet and very windy. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for this horrible weather and it’s pissing me right off.

Miraculously it was dry and sunny Saturday lunchtime, for an hour or so…

But the rest of the week was mainly wet and cold and that is grinding in a motorhome. Looking at the 10 day forecast it’s mainly rainy days, the next sunny day is in 10 days time so we’ve decided to head back to the UK.

It’s not just the rain & cold; with most of Europe under lockdown the site here is less than a quarter full and is dead. The local COVID restrictions don’t help either, if we hired a car we couldn’t travel further than 9 miles in it!

On Thursday Julie’s Mum was taken to hospital after a suspected stroke so if we hadn’t packed up on Wednesday we’d be packing up today.



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Week 143

Friday 27th November 2020 to Thursday 3rd December 2020

The weather at the start of the week was terrible. With all the wind and rain it was positively Mancunian; a lot grumbling was done and a lot of cards were played.

stair rods

it was all too much for Cfor

Thankfully the weather was beautiful on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday so we got out for some lunch.

Bar Habana, Luz

The kid on the next table had a big bowl of cheesy chips, they looked absolutely delicious…

in reality they were horrible and gave me a headache!

We went exploring the coast…

the view from Praia do Camilo

Soon after we arrived here in Portugal I noticed we had a guest on the back of the van. We call him Boris after The Who song…

He’s an Orb-weaver spider. The weather has destroyed his web a few times but he won’t be moved.

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Week 142

Friday 20th November 2020 to Thursday 26th November 2020

Another mixed week weatherwise, we’ve had some boiling days, some cloudy days and an almighty thunder & lightening storm in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

the beach at Luz, a little too cold for the sun worshippers

highlight of the week, an alfresco lunch on a sunny day at Lagos Marina

The weather forecast for next week ain’t too great but I think it’s still going to be a lot warmer than Reigate.

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week 141

Friday 13th November 2020 to Thursday 19th November 2020

A mixed week weatherwise and now the municipality of Lagos has been put into lockdown.

The beach at Burgau

The Portuguese version of a lockdown is a bit different to the UK’s, the restaurants and bars are still open but there’s a curfew 11pm to 5am weekdays and from 1pm till 5am Saturday & Sunday so it’s not really any hardship.

Been on  a few walks and been reading my kindle.

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Week 140

Friday 6th November 2020 to Thursday 12th November 2020

The rain stopped and the sun came out so I had a few walks along the coast.

sadly no dolphins this week

saw a few fossils though

and the odd relic…

These beautiful old Renault 4s are damn near indestructible

You don’t get many rainy days on the Algarve but as it’s next to the Atlantic when it does rain here it really rains. Our last pitch was prone to flooding in heavy rain…

twice in a week, Julie was not impressed

So we upped sticks to a new pitch…

new Home Sweet Home 😀

I’ve kept up my running every morning since we arrived so even though I’ve had the pie maker out a few times I think I’m looking a little slimmer 😀

cheese, potato & onion 😀

All in all a very pleasant and relaxing week 😀

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Week 139

Friday 30th October 2020 to Thursday 5th November 2020

The week started off scorchio so we packed our butties and headed for Ponta da Piedade to walk to Porto de Mós.

Ponta da Piedade

We’d no sooner arrived at Ponta da Piedade when Julie spotted some dolphins 😀

My entry for the Wildlife Photograph of the Year competition!

It’s a nice and easy walk from Ponta da Piedade to Porto de Mós

the beach at Porto de Mós

It wasn’t sunshiny all week…

we had some mixed weather but there was enough sunshine for some more coastal walks

but sadly no more dolphin sightings

but I did spot this old 1980 Hymer in Luz 😀

Cfor has been keeping himself busy

It’s obviously exhausting being in charge…

will you look at the bloody size of him!

Even with a couple of dozen German kids tearing around on their bikes the site is very quiet and with France, Germany, much of Spain & Italy and now the UK in lockdown with travelling banned I can’t see it getting any busier here before Christmas. Portugal itself has put 122 municipalities into lockdown but only one of them is on the Algarve and the Portuguese idea of a lockdown is a 10pm curfew and no social mixing allowed in homes. No sign yet of any businesses being forced to close.

The week ended with a prolonged deluge

Our pitch flooded again!

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Week 138

Friday 23rd October 2020 to Thursday 29th October 2020

Another relaxing week on the Algarve.

This week I’ve taken my butties down to the sea a few times to look out for dolphins but no luck yet

I also had a walk to Burgau

Without any breeze it was boiling hot but it’d take more than a touch of heat stroke to keep me away from a good toastie with a plate of chips and a cold lager 😀

When it come to Haute Cuisine Portugal like a lot of Europe is years behind the UK, they just don’t understand the symbiotic relationship between salt & vinegar and deep fried potatoes

There was a huge Concorde Centurion left the site this week. They start at around €500,000!

That’s an adult not a child stood at the back

Tucked away in the boot…

an Abarth 500!



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