Week 97

Friday 10th January 2020 to Thursday 16th January 2020

Been another beautiful week on the Algarve

Porto de Mos beach

Had a few nice walks along the coast

I think it’s spring time here…

Although it’s very sunny it does get a bit windy along the coast

I believe the weather hasn’t been great in the UK

this was actually the best bit of the week!

We played some boules, played some cards, drank some rosé

Cfor’s really not getting the hang of Cat & Mouse

All in all a lovely relaxing week in the Portuguese sunshine 😀

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Week 96

Friday 3rd January 2020 to Thursday 9th January 2020

The weather has been beautiful this week and I’ve managed to get in plenty of coastal walks towards my Ben Nevis training.

the coastal path to Burgau

I read that it takes between 3½ and 5 hours just to to walk up Ben Nevis so I really should be building up to at least 8 hour walks.

I don’t think I made too much progress dropping that stone though.

lunch in Burgau

All in all a very enjoyable week 😀


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Week 95

Friday 27th December 2019 to Thursday 2nd January 2020

Today has been overcast but for the rest of the week the weather has been cracking.

My New Year’s resolution is to walk up Ben Nevis and complete the Three Peak Challenge. If I’m going to do that then I’m going to have to put some miles in my legs and lose at least a stone. So I’ve started to do some proper walking.

Julie’s New Year resolution is to give up eating sugary things.

I had a walk along the coastal path to Burgau and back

After all the rain before Christmas these little wild marigolds have flowered

It’s a fair old walk to Burgau, had a lovely toastie & pint lunch. I doubt I’ll get those at the top of Ben Nevis.

Beach at Burgau

We went to Ponta da Piedade

walked to Praia de Porto de Mós

It’s a beautiful beach at Praia de Porto de Mós

BTW, Julie’s New Year resolution to give up sugary things lasted just over 39 hours and I reckon she was asleep for at least 20 of those hours.

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Week 94

Friday 20th December 2019 to Thursday 26th December 2019

The wet weather continued with the tail end of Storm Elsa so we had to wait till Sunday for a dry day and Monday for some blue skies.

The drone is back 😀

The weather was great on Christmas day

we walked into Luz

Lovely to stroll along the beach

The ice cream shack was open

Had a lovely Jalfrezi for my Christmas lunch 😀

Julie gets a Christmas kiss from Prince

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Week 93

Friday 13th December 2019 to Thursday 19th December 2019

By Christ we’ve had some rain this week as storm Elsa has battered the Algarve. The forecast says it should be over by Sunday so we might have a sunny Christmas yet!

Before the deluge… cycling Santas in Luz


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Week 92

Friday 6th December 2019 to Thursday 12th December 2019

The weather has been great for December

Sunrise over Lagos

It’s been a quiet week but we’ve had a few trips out

went to Luz a few times



A very nice relaxing week

I’ve been on fire boules too 😀

Watched the exit poll being announced on the BBC, I imagine every grown up in the UK breathed a sigh of relief that the British public had soundly rejected that cuddly terrorist sympathiser & Marxist nut-job Jeremy Corbyn.

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Week 91

Friday 29th November 2019 to Thursday 5th December 2019

I don’t know if my back has fully recovered yet but I now feel no pain either real or referred when I walk. To test it out properly I had a yomp from Praia da Luz up to the Marco Geodésico da Atalaia.

It’s about a 102m climb up there but no ropes involved

I made it without any problems

I was going to bring my drone and do some swooping orbits of this Obelisk…

 but I crashed it yesterday and it needs to go to the Netherlands for repair.

that might be expensive 🙁

I had no reaction to my walk up to the obelisk so today I walked the rocky coastal path from Luz to Burgau.

Beautiful coastal scenery along the route

Villas around Luz with a sea view are mega expensive but I’m not too sure investing your fortune in Portugal is a very smart idea.

these villas with great sea views must have cost an absolute fortune but all of them shuttered up

My usual cafe in Burgau was closed so I tried a new place. Got a lovely toastie and a beer for €5 😀

the Bar in Burgau

At this time of year Burgau is a sleepy little village

Boats in Burgau

So quiet you might almost think you has the whole beach to yourself…

Beach Bum in Burgau!

Not paid too much attention to the election this week but I did hear about the 33% cut in rail fares from January that Jeremy is now promising.

If he does get in power we are going to need an awful lot of popcorn 😀

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Week 90

Friday 22nd November 2019 to Thursday 28th November 2019

A wild and windy start to the week but not as wild as further along the coast in Spain, France & Italy where they’ve had terrible storms & flooding.

we had a few good days, a few blue skies

Got out and about…

the last of a sea mist clinging to Black Rock at Luz

Discovered to my horror the ice cream shack in Luz is closed all day Monday!

We made it all the way to Alvor

the beach at Alvor

I’ve gone back to my old method of chucking boules and it’s paying off, I won two games the other afternoon 😀

Julie marking her boules. The more she plays the flukier she gets!

Yellito; if he’s awake he wants feeding, if he’s asleep he’s been fed.

I’ve paid a bit of attention to the election coverage now the manifestos are out. As someone who no longer depends on a functioning UK economy to put food on the table I will absolutely piss my sides if Corbyn gets in and tries to raise an extra £83bn a year in taxes 😀

As Boris said… All Labour governments end in economic collapse but the difference with Jeremy Corbyn is he wants to start with one!

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Week 89

Friday 15th November 2019 to Thursday 21st November 2019

The week started off cold & windy and we’ve had some rain but there were a few sunny days so we did get out and about a bit.

the beach at Burgau

I believe the weather is still bad in the UK. My youngest, Elizabeth, was complaining about having to scrape something called frost off her car windscreen; if I ever have to do that then I’ll know my retirement has gone horribly wrong.

the view from Bateria do Burgau

My back is much better now. I can walk quite well for about half a mile before I get any pain and then it’s just in my lower back so the discs can’t be antagonising the nerve roots any longer and I don’t get any refereed leg pain. I am a little way off walking into town for an ice cream but hopefully things will continue to slowly improve

Yellito, the toilet block mouser. He spends nearly all his life either sat or lay in the sun begging food or a least a stroke from anyone who passes by

One of the big bonuses about being in Portugal right now is we are largely escaping all the General Election bollocks; I can’t believe there are still 3 weeks to go! After 3½ years of Brexit how much more of these buffoons can the country take?

No sunny day is complete without a trip to Luz for an ice cream

Mind you if Jezza did get in it’d be a huge reality check for his followers. The way McDonnell plans to burn other people’s money it won’t take them more than 3 or 4 years to completely trash the economy.

cheeky bugger!

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Week 88

Friday 8th November 2019 to Thursday 14th November 2019

There was a big change to my back between Friday & Saturday. I could actually stand up straight without any pain! We went into Luz to celebrate

there’s no finer way to celebrate than with a chocolate ice cream

But that’s about as good as it got. I can walk without pain for maybe 100 yards before the disc antagonises the nerve root then I have to sit for 5 minutes then I’m good for another 100 yards.

So I can get out and about as long as there’s places for me to sit & recover.

The weather has been a bit mixed, some sunshine and some rain but everything with a lot of wind.

Ponta de  Piedade

I got the result of my MRI scan back;

Between Ll and the sacrum, all intervertebral discs present dehydration and diffuse bulging accompanied by marginal osteophyte reaction and irregularities of the vertebral platforms associated with arthrosis interapophyseal (and neoarthrosis between multiple spinous apophyses).

On L1 -L2, these changes are insufficient to produce space conflict.

Between L2 and L5, short vertebral pedicles coexist, producing stenosis of the vertebral canal. In L4-L5, the bulging disc is more bulky and has subarticular and left foraminal predominance, asymmetrically reducing the amplitude of the conjugation hole and by contacting the foraminal left L4 root.

In L5-S1, the disc-osteophyte bulging has a subarticular predominance and right foraminal, contacting the dural emergence of the right SL root and the foramina of the root L5 on the same side and may slightly deform it.

The medullary cone has normal morphology and signal.

The Chiropractor says it’s all down to wear & tear and everything should get back to normal in a few weeks but that if it isn’t then I need to see a neurosurgeon about the  stenosis of the vertebral canal. 🙁

The week ended with a great thunder and lightning storm 😀


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