week 141

Friday 13th November 2020 to Thursday 19th November 2020

A mixed week weatherwise and now the municipality of Lagos has been put into lockdown.

The beach at Burgau

The Portuguese version of a lockdown is a bit different to the UK’s, the restaurants and bars are still open but there’s a curfew 11pm to 5am weekdays and from 1pm till 5am Saturday & Sunday so it’s not really any hardship.

Been onย  a few walks and been reading my kindle.

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Week 140

Friday 6th November 2020 to Thursday 12th November 2020

The rain stopped and the sun came out so I had a few walks along the coast.

sadly no dolphins this week

saw a few fossils though

and the odd relic…

These beautiful old Renault 4s are damn near indestructible

You don’t get many rainy days on the Algarve but as it’s next to the Atlantic when it does rain here it really rains. Our last pitch was prone to flooding in heavy rain…

twice in a week, Julie was not impressed

So we upped sticks to a new pitch…

new Home Sweet Home ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve kept up my running every morning since we arrived so even though I’ve had the pie maker out a few times I think I’m looking a little slimmer ๐Ÿ˜€

cheese, potato & onion ๐Ÿ˜€

All in all a very pleasant and relaxing week ๐Ÿ˜€

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Week 139

Friday 30th October 2020 to Thursday 5th November 2020

The week started off scorchio so we packed our butties and headed for Ponta da Piedade to walk to Porto de Mรณs.

Ponta da Piedade

We’d no sooner arrived at Ponta da Piedadeย when Julie spotted some dolphins ๐Ÿ˜€

My entry for the Wildlife Photograph of the Year competition!

It’s a nice and easy walk from Ponta da Piedade to Porto de Mรณs

the beach at Porto de Mรณs

It wasn’t sunshiny all week…

we had some mixed weather but there was enough sunshine for some more coastal walks

but sadly no more dolphin sightings

but I did spot this old 1980 Hymer in Luz ๐Ÿ˜€

Cfor has been keeping himself busy

It’s obviously exhausting being in charge…

will you look at the bloody size of him!

Even with a couple of dozen German kids tearing around on their bikes the site is very quiet and with France, Germany, much of Spain & Italy and now the UK in lockdown with travelling banned I can’t see it getting any busier here before Christmas. Portugal itself has put 122 municipalities into lockdown but only one of them is on the Algarve and the Portuguese idea of a lockdown is a 10pm curfew and no social mixing allowed in homes. No sign yet of any businesses being forced to close.

The week ended with a prolonged deluge

Our pitch flooded again!

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Week 138

Friday 23rd October 2020 to Thursday 29th October 2020

Another relaxing week on the Algarve.

This week I’ve taken my butties down to the sea a few times to look out for dolphins but no luck yet

I also had a walk to Burgau

Without any breeze it was boiling hot but it’d take more than a touch of heat stroke to keep me away from a good toastie with a plate of chips and a cold lager ๐Ÿ˜€

When it come to Haute Cuisine Portugal like a lot of Europe is years behind the UK, they just don’t understand the symbiotic relationship between salt & vinegar and deep fried potatoes

There was a huge Concorde Centurion left the site this week. They start at around โ‚ฌ500,000!

That’s an adult not a child stood at the back

Tucked away in the boot…

an Abarth 500!



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Week 137

Friday 16th October 2020 to Thursday 22nd October 2020

A nice relaxing week on the Algarve

It’s been lovely and sunny ๐Ÿ˜€

Apart from Tuesday when storm Barbara rolled in ๐Ÿ™

The morning started off breezy, too breezy to take the Thule residence down which wasn’t great as the forecast winds speed were between 65 kph & 132 kph depending on whose weather app you looked at.

Not wanting to have the whole thing blown away we thought it best to get as much gear as possible back into the van then open all the doors & vents so the wind could blow through the residence rather than blowing it way.

It didn’t half rain too

In the end the wind speed didn’t get much more than 40 kph so everything was fine

Still doing my morning run and afternoon gym session ๐Ÿ˜€

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Week 136

Friday 9th October 2020 to Thursday 15th October 2020

Friday morning we set off for Bordeaux and tonight we’re stopping in the grounds of a little family run vinyard, Vignobles Pestoury, before tackling Spain. So far we’ve seen next to no motorhomes on our journey south.

it’s not cold down here but you know it’s autumn

I do like a nice neat Plane tree lined road

It goes without saying Cfor loves la terroir here in Bordeaux

From Bordeaux it was on to Spain. I’m not a big fan of Spain, everything is a bit slapdash and nothing really works like it should. The Spanish are also unnecessarily loud and for a vegetarian like myself it’s next to impossible to get anything decent to eat here; they also torture animals for entertainment so we are never really going to get on.

The middle of Spain is bleak

livened up only by the odd Osborne bull

Through the middle of Spain is a long old drive, took us about 13 hours split over two days.

first mention of Portugal

We landed at Turiscampo on Monday and the weather is just fabulous ๐Ÿ˜€

the praia at Praia da Luz

pleased to find Yellitoh is still here ๐Ÿ˜€

We arrived 3 days early so had to wait for our pitch to become free to set everything up.

a few crates of beans always comes in useful

home for the next 6 months ๐Ÿ˜€

A while back I was wounded when Julie casually said, “You look slim from behind.”ย  Really! ๐Ÿ™ย  I’ve started having a run every morning and I’ve joined the onsite gym so I’m a little knackered but hopefully I am on my way back to being 12st something.

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Week 135

Friday 2nd October 2020 to Thursday 8th October 2020

With this sodding virus it’s been a very long 7 months back in the UK but there is light at the end of the tunnel…

we’re finally setting off for Portugal ๐Ÿ˜€

Iย  am so excited!!!

We decided to give the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry a go

The tail end of Storm Alex was still hanging around and it was a bit of a rough 4 hour crossing and I have to report that Julie’s breakfast didn’t make it to France!

The noises from the toilets were ungodly

We were planning to go to Honfluer for a couple of nights but I decided it was far too windy to use the Pont de Normandie so we headed for Etretat.

A stormy Etretat

Because the weather was so wet in Normandy we decided to scrap the trip to Honfluer completely and headed south to Tours.

Cfor loves to get out and about especially if there is a hedge

The campsite at Tours was okay. The house next door was for sale


We took a trip into the town centre on Zippy and when I parked it on a pavement I was worried about getting a ticket but that was just the paranoia left over from the UK, in France the local maires actually want you to visit his beautiful towns.

Tours itself is a nice little town.

Like most French towns it’s heavily pedestrianised and the vieux town is great.

Tomorrow we are travelling to Bordeaux.

In other news Lily has arrived back home after a couple of years swanning around Australia…

ย ๐Ÿ˜€

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Week 134

Friday 25th September 2020 to Thursday 1st October 2020

A very quiet week. I’ve killed my to do list which is something only a bored retired person can ever do and I’m all ready to set off to Portugal next Tuesday.

Highlight of the week…

a very Hot Katsu Curry at Wagamama

Roll on next Tuesday!

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Week 133

Friday 18th September 2020 to Thursday 24th September 2020

To Walsall so Julie can see her Mum then on to Much Wenlock for a few days.

The weather wasn’t great in Shropshire and the Sytches campsite was a touch basic

but Cfor was soon settled in

Much Wenlock town centre is a beautiful slice of old England, the kind of place where old maids probably still bicycle to evensong.

Much Wenlock

We hopped on Zippy to visit Ironbridge.

Built in 1781 across the river Seven it was the first major bridge made of cast iron

But the Iron Bridge is not the most interesting thing in Ironbridge…

On open sale in the local Teddy bear shop, these would cause a riot in most English towns!

We got absolutely piss wet through on the way back to Nelly; that’s the problem with going any where in England, you just can’t rely on the weather.

We fitted in a trip to Shrewsbury, where Julie was born…

It’s also where Charles Darwin was born, they’ve stuck this statue of him outside the town hall

While the town centre itself is blighted with traffic we had a lovely walk along the river Seven which near encircles the town

I’m sure Charles Darwin would rather overlook the Seven than the traffic on the A5191

There are two old bridges into the town

The Welsh Bridge


the English Bridge

It soon began to spit so fearing another soaking we headed off back to camp and then back to Reigate.

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Week 132

Friday 11th September 2020 to Thursday 17th September 2020

A nice relaxing week; the weather has been great so I had a few walks in the sunshine.

The view from Colley Hill, Gatwick in the distance

Did a bit more work on and in the van

Managed to fix the rooflight so it won’t blow off while we’re driving along

We’re all set for Portugal now but the second COVID wave is well underway in Europe and while I’m not in the least bit worried about catching it, I always do good social distancing,ย  I am worried France or the EU as a whole might impose travel restrictions on people arriving from the UK before we set off in 18 days. Imagine being stuck in the UK for winter!!!!!ย  ย If we can make it to the other side of the channel we should be okay ๐Ÿ˜€

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