Week 171

Friday 11th June 2021 to Thursday 17th June 2021

The week started out a bit misty on the Roseland coast but from Saturday we were booked into Trevedra Farm a couple of miles from Land’s End…

Gwynver beach

First day on the new site some complete nutjob tried his very best to start a fight with me at the washing-up station over a few traces of olive oil left in a sink. I declined to get over excited about being called a twat; at 62ΒΎ I think my days of brawling with strangers are long over πŸ˜€

It takes just over an hour to walk the coastal path from the campsite to Land’s End via Sennen’s Cove…

The remains of RMS Mulhein

Dr Syntax’s Head at Land’s End

The Longships Lighthouse on Carn Bras off Land’s End

Next on the list of places to visit were the old copper and tin mines of Botallock…

Mine ruins at Botallock

Crowns Engine Houses at Botallack

Then on to the NT site at Levant…

the Levant Mine

All in all it’s been a great week here at Land’s End.

Elsewhere, the pantomime does continue; having delayed putting India on the red travel list by three weeks because he was due to visit the country himself Boris has now had to delay the next step of the unlocking because the Indian variant is spreading like wildfire.

If we have learned anything from this pandemic it is that without a proper lockdown the virus just spreads and spreads so it’s odds-on the numbers are going to look even worse come July 19th; what will the idiot do then?

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Week 170

Friday 4th June 2021 to Thursday 10th June 2021

The weather has been good πŸ™‚

The lighthouse at St Antony

We went to the Eden Project…

A proper day out!

It’s big…

and it’s very green…

with the odd plash of colour…

and some plants your mum probably used to have…

It was interesting but I think there’s more going on in the fantastic hedgerows of Cornwall…

there’s a riot going on… Wild Cabbage and Red Campion

an Orange Tip

I have to say my preferred destination of choice for June is Brittany but Cornwall is a fantastic substituteΒ  πŸ˜€

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Week 169

Friday 28th May 2021 to Thursday 3rd June 2021

To Cornwall…

the Roseland Coast to be precise, this is more like it πŸ˜€

Had a torturous 9 hour drive to get here though. The jams started on the M25 and I’m very happy to be parked up for the next 2 weeks because this is Cornwall where people with big SUVs have holiday homes and going anywhere in a car is a little bit barmy.

Carmageddon at Porth; these people have arrived to find the car parks full. Quelle surprise!

We’re staying at Merrose Farm which is a cracking site less than a mile from the sea. The weather has been beautiful so I’ve had plenty of walks along the coastal path.

Portscatho from the harbour

Portscatho harbour

Towan Beach

It might not be the Lake District but as soon as you start walking you realise there are a lot hills in Cornwall

Pendower Beach

towards Portscatho from Pendower Beach

the church at St. Just

St Mawes

St. Mawes is a great little town, not too commercialised but I think a lot of the houses are rentals so it’s probably pretty deserted out of season.

The church at Gerrans

Speaking of churches Boris got married for the 3rd time this week and in Catholic Westminster Cathedral too! Yet another example of him being cut far too much slack.

The fact Boris was able to do this in total secrecy is proof positive of how useless the all political journalists in the country are; hundreds of them at the BBC, ITV, CH4, CH5, SkyNews, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Independent, The Express etc etc etc and not a single one of them had a fucking scooby. No wonder Boris gets away with being so utterly incompetent.

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Week 168

Friday 21st May 2021 to Thursday 27th May 2021

It was Cfor’s birthday this week, he’s 15 years young!

Before he was a hopeless biscuit addict

Got the van back from the garage, starts like a dream and we’ve even got domestic power now πŸ˜€

Spent the week getting everything ready for Devon & Cornwall

The weather was terrible at the weekend and so was the UK’s Eurovision entry…

plus Γ§a change

The real entertainment this week was Dominic Cummings giving Boris & Hancock both barrels.

Boris unfit to lead the country and Hancock a serial liar, who would have guessed!

It’ll all just bounce off Boris though; the public have yet to tire of his lovable rogue act.

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Week 167

Friday 14th May 2021 to Thursday 20th May 2021

The weather has been mixed and I have had to help my youngest with hanging wallpaper so it’s not been a great week. One highlight…

The Flying Scotsman at Buckland


Koch’s Gentian on the North Downs

Trust Boris to lift the lockdown and allow indoor assemblies just as a super transmissible variant gets its boots on. If this ‘Indian’ variant catches hold then I can see travel from the UK might get very difficult again. I’m not sure I could stand another winter in the UK.

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Week 166

Friday 7th May 2021 to Thursday 13th May 2021

To Leith Hill for a picnic amongst the bluebells in Cockshot Wood

There must be a billion Bluebells here but not one of them is actually blue

We had a yomp to the top of Leith Hill…

the tower is still closed due to COVID

The weather has not been great but I’ve managed to get out and about every day.

Three Cornered Garlic

Star of Bethlehem

All the walking has been good for my waistline, I’ve lost 10lb since March πŸ˜€

Finally 12 st something πŸ˜€

Worryingly there is no news yet from the garage on how they are getting on with Nelly’s electrical issues πŸ™

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Week 165

Friday 30th April 2021 to Thursday 6th May 2021

I went to shuffle Nelly into a better parking space but when I tried to start her up there was a strange series of clicks from the EBL99 (it controls charging of the leisure batteries and the power to all the habitation equipment) and then everything went dead. Habitation power and chassis power. Everything.

Nelly off to the repair shop

So I had no I have no electrical power at all. Even the LCD clock on the dashboard had no power. I checked the starter battery and that was at 12.4 volts which is not great but it should be enough to power the LCD dashboard. I checked all the big fuses I could find but they were all okay. The general consensus on the FB Hymer forum is that the starter motor is drawing far too much current and that is draining the battery and upsetting the EBL99.

The EBL99, not something you want problems with.

When the garage bench tested the starter motor it emitted blue smoke and they found the bearings had gone.

They fitted a new starter motor and now the van will start but only on their jump pack. They reckon there is a problem with something they call a battery post. The only problem is they don’t have a Fiat part number for this battery post and Fiat make 7 different versions. They tell me they are looking for online pictures, including on Ebay, to identify the part.Β  Which sounds like a plan but not a very good one.

The damage so far is Β£320.67.


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Week 164

Friday 23rd April 2021 to Thursday 29th April 2021

The good weather continues πŸ˜€ We managed to fit in a trip to Brighton…

a member of one of Brighton’s top OCGs

They’ve removed a ton of parking spaces from the sea front so we ended up having to park nearly in Hove!

There’s a new minigolf course in town

It’s a little known fact that I won two prizes at the British Minigolf Masters at Worthing a few years ago πŸ˜€

The Pirate course turned out to be a bit too easy. The Jungle Rumble course is still the best in town

Took my drone, AirForceTom, to fly it around the West Pier a couple of times…

it’s always an act of faith sending a drone out to sea!

Down at the Marina I had my first ever McDonald’s… I won’t be having a second!

No wonder I’ve a bad back!

Less than 4 weeks to go till Cornwall πŸ˜€

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Week 163

Friday 16th April 2021 to Thursday 22nd April 2021

The good weather continued so I did a lot more walking on and around the North Downs.

blue skies over Buckland

When the weather is like this you can’t beat the British countryside, absolutely stunning.

walnut trees

With all the walking in this good weather and my new near chip-free diet I’ve managed to shed 7lbs πŸ˜€ Only 4 more pounds till I’m 12st something πŸ˜€

a skylark sings over a field near Gadbrook

It’s been quite an eventful week; Julie was 21 again… Prince Philip was buried this week and so was the harebrained European Super League.

The City of London from Reigate Hill

We binged watched seasons 4 and 5 of Line of Duty; the plotting does take some outrageous liberties. I much prefer Bosch.



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Week 162

Friday 9th April 2021 to Thursday 15th April 2021

Weatherwise the week started off gloriously…

the cherry trees in Priory Park

Of course on the 12th when for the first time in 4 months we could all go for an outdoor pie and a pint the weather had other ideas

that was a surprise!

The snow soon disappeared and the blue skies came out so I could continue my tour of the lanes and footpaths of Surrey…

Lesser Stitchwort

the sunshine brought out the dandelions

All the walking I’ve been doing is shifting the lbs πŸ˜€

Prince Philip died this week

In an effort to better understand Line of Duty we binged watched the first 3 series which was slightly draining to say the least. I like the way someone is shot in the morning and by lunchtime they have arrested the culprit and confronted them with the forensic test results!

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